Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stevens Point Roads Getting Confusing

If you've visited Stevens Point, you know that our streets can be confusing. The older section of Stevens Point is especially confusing because the streets are angled to follow the path of the Wisconsin River. And to make matters worse, the downtown and older section south of downtown is made up of several one-way streets. And now to add insult to injury, the DOT has made changes regarding US Highways 10 and 66 resulting from the opening of new US-10 West between Highway 34 North and I-39.

Here is a description of the changes as forward to me through our Stevens Point Convention and Visitor's Bureau. http://www.spacvb.com/

The changes are as follows:* US 10 no longer runs through Stevens Point west of I-39; the road there is now called Highway 66.* Old US 10 West has become County Road HH between Highway 66 and Highway 34 north.* County Road P is now Highway 66 from Stevens Point to Highway 34 near WisconsinRapids.* With the re-routing of Highway 66 onto I-39 between Highway 66 and US 10, StanleyStreet and Michigan Avenue have lost their Highway 66 designation and have become local streets. Detailed map information can be downloaded here[http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102640178370&s=39&e=001ATZcwBzHY8SVi_CPd92VBeOyPcwflz6zRn_B841RF7E6u1pZuzopMLLsZxeHw1ZqlQNJLp3iPCCnOd1ZkBRsK-qo7naY8HHN43CjtjpeMFd19w8v429uKw==].

So far these road changes have not kept guests from finding our Dreams of Yesteryear Bed and Breakfast. But, I must say, I had some UWSP alumni visiting a couple weeks ago and some Iola Old Car Show returning guests who were surprised to see signs reading Highway 66 instead of Highway 10. Don't let the road changes fool you, we're still here. Come see if you can find us. :)


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