Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 1 of "Repurposing"

Day One of the "repurposing" mission to clean my house turned out to be a lot of work. I got rid of unused big items like furniture, an exercycle, storage trunks, an old clothes rack, and cabinets. This allowed me to look at my old space with new eyes and figure out how I wanted to rearrange/reorganize items I was keeping. I discovered that with a little sifting, sorting and rearranging, I could eliminate some of the large furniture type items I was using for storage. I made a list of large items I wanted to repurpose and then enlisted the help of J & S Salvage of Stevens Point. I discovered that J & S will not only take anything, but will also pick items up for free--even my old TV and my husband's beater recliner. Making a list of all the things I was repurposing made sure that nothing would be left behind when J & S pulled out of my driveway. At 6:00 PM last night J & S loaded up all my big items and hauled them away--what a beautiful sight as that truck loaded with all my big items I was repurposing rolled down the street. What a great feeling of accomplishment! That wonderful feeling, didn't last long however. What I didn't count on, was my husband's "bad attitude" toward my giving away his old delapidated recliner and his TV. I think the words Bill used while storming off to a meeting were something like, "next you'll be getting rid of me." Well, I'm not getting rid of Bill. :) I guess I should have included him in my "repurposing" plan. Oops! He didn't know that I was making room for a newer recliner and TV I had around the house. More repurposing was about to unfold. I plan to use things I have lying around in other ways in my own house. You can bet while Bill was at his meeting, I worked hard to refurbish the "man cave" with a newer recliner and a much lighter flat screen TV. I even added a floor lamp we inherited from Bill's father next to his easy chair. I guess Bill liked his new digs since he treated me to ice cream later. :) So that was day one of repurposing. With the big items out of the way, my next step is to find plenty of boxes and then go through smaller items that I think Easter Seals can use--clothers, dishes, tools, and even antiques. The next Easter Seals pickup is October 7, so I've set October 7 as my deadline for going through closets and cupboards. Repurposing continues.


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