Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Time to "Repurpose"

It has been a long time since I posted on my Dreams of Yesteryear blog. Got to admit--life has been busy. Bill and I are definitely in that sandwich generation--the ones that take care of their parents and their grandchildren. So that's my excuse for not posting. But perhaps life will slow down a little now that my parents have moved into an assisted living facility and their house is cleaned out and on the market. Anyone interested in a 1958 ranch style home in Stevens Point, WI?
There is a lesson to be learned when you clean out your parent's house. That is, of course, watch what and how much you collect so your children won't have to deal with masses of "stuff" when their turn comes to clean up. Which brings me to my own clean up. My winter project for Dreams of Yesteryear Bed and Breakfast is to go through the basement and closets and "repurpose" "stuff." I've always kept my "stuff" clean and well organized, but let's face it, it's still just "stuff." I like the word "repurpose." "Repurposing" sounds better than recycling or trashing. My experience cleaning out my parents house has shown me lots of places to do my "repurposing." Places like Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, Goodwill, Easter Seals are always looking for useful things. Easter Seals will even come to the house to pick up your donated items. I think they will like the treasures I will be putting together. And, don't forget, you can "re-purpose" things by getting your kids to take them into their basements, garages and sheds! Then someday they can "re-purpose" them. :-) Sitting at my computer and writing about cleaning up makes the task sound easy and me motivated. I may have given you the wrong impression, I'm sure when I'm finally sifting and sorting, I'll be subject to that, "it's too good to get rid of" inclination and things will end up back in the basement or closet. So, reader, send some strong "repurposing" vibes my way. I'll let you know how my 'repurposing" project goes.


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