Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Princess Peggy Sue Has Arrived at Dreams of Yesteryear

Well, obviously going back to work has had its toll. I've found little time to catch up with my blog. But, something really terrific has happened around here that I must tell you about. We adopted the sweetest gentlest dog I've ever known. Her name is Peggy Sue. Yes, just like Buddy Holly's "Pretty Pretty, Pretty Peggy Sue." We adopted Peggy Sue from the Portage County Humane Society and, she is quite the princess. She is all white--a Bichon mix. She loves to be cuddled, petted, combed, talked to, walked and carried.

Bill and I have only had one other dog in our life. But, about two years ago we had to send Patsy Cline, our Maltese we had raised from a pup, to her eternal reward. And of course we missed her--the pitter patter of little paws, the licks and kisses. Of course there were lots of things we didn't miss--like standing in the cold urging Patsy to do "her thing." But, I think the time had come for another dog. We knew it was meant to be when a friend told us about this adorable dog at the animal shelter. Of course I had to go see. And, of course we had to give her a good home. A good home, indeed. Peggy Sue settled in quite nicely at Dreams of Yesteryear. Several people tell us our house looks like a doll house or something out of a story book. So now we have a princess in our story book house. Her name is Princess Peggy Sue.

I must admit I was a little afraid of bringing a dog into our bed and breakfast. Our home is full of victorian style antiques and bringing a dog we knew nothing about into our house was a bit scary. But low and behold, I knew Peggy Sue belonged at Dreams of Yesteryear since she seems to respect my antiques and is quite at home with them. I knew she especially belonged at our bed and breakfast when after her veterinary check up, I took her next door to Jay Mar, a store for pet supplies, to get a reward. I had only intended to buy her a toy, but we began to look at several dog beds and she snuggled into a victorian upholstered one and didn't want to leave. So, I bought this bed for her--along with a couple toys. Peggy Sue has very good taste--expensive taste too. No doubt she belongs at Dreams of Yesteryear.

Of major concern was the question of whether or not Peggy Sue would react well to our five grandchildren and our bed and breakfast guests. Well, she passed all the tests. She is extremely tollerant of children. And, she likes our guests. I suspect Peggy Sue thinks our guests come to visit her. We have had several guests since we adopted Peggy Sue and to my amazement she doesn't bark at the door bell or at the guests, but rather looks affectionately at them expecting some pets on the head and some praises for her cute looks. Unlike our Patsy Cline, Peggy Sue doesn't even beg for food. She doesn't even bark when the pizza boy arrives. What a princess of a dog. We certainly do feel lucky we got to adopt her. Do come and visit us at Dreams of Yesteryear and say hi to Peggy Sue. She'll remember her manners as she comes to welcome you.