Thursday, December 27, 2007

New baby for Christmas

Well the Christmas rush is nearly over and finally I can take time to collect my thoughts and enter a few words in my blog.
The fall season straight through Christmas was very good. We were blessed with lots of guests to share my favorite season of the year. And, we were truly blessed with the arrival of our sixth grandchild, Regina Caeli Patrice. She arrived on December 12 at 12:01 AM and boasted a full 10 pounds 14 1/2 ounces. What a girl. She's all baby and what a joy--the first of any of our children or grandchildren to be born with a head of hair and dark hair too. Needless to say, Christmas was a little crazy at our house this year.
Christmas Eve is the day our family chooses to get together to celebrate the birth of our Lord and to exchange presents. This year dinner was moved up a bit so that the children would have time to spend with their cousins. So we hosted a 4:00 dinner for a clan of 22. While family was arriving, six rooms of guests were also arriving to check into their rooms. I can't believe I'm saying this, but, "I think I need a BIGGER house." I think this house is big until events like Christmas make me think we need to rent a hall. My daughter Darcy assures me that a hall would not put us in the right mood and that this old victorian home is the perfect setting for Christmas. And, of course, I know she's right. This house has hosted 107 Christmas'.
But today I am comforted that the business of Christmas Eve is over and I can enjoy warm memories of Christmas Eve 2007. My house full of guests have checked out and my housekeeper and I tidy up as we await the arrival of more guests. What a great life we have. Wonderful family and So much to be thankful for. Oops, I hear the doorbell. Guests have arrived. More later.