Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ice Age Trail

Just signed up to be part of the Inn-to-Inn hiking program available through the Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast Association (WBBA) and the Ice Age National Scenic Trail Foundation. I've always been interested in how the glacier molded the landscape surrounding this beautiful area. I'm also intrigued by the stones, rock, and boulders the glacier left behind. I'm so happy that these areas are now mapped out and people can really appreciate their beauty by hiking along the Ice Age Trails. The information I sent for from the Ice Age Park & Trail Foundation shows the trails between Portage and Waupaca Counties as the trails nearest Dreams of Yesteryear in Stevens Point. I'd be happy to have hikers come stay at our bed and breakfast. As part of the Inn-to-Inn hiking program, we'll shuttle Ice Age Trail hikers from the trail to our B&B and back to the trail the next morning for a fee of $10--but not until you've had a good night's sleep in our comfortable beds and I've fed you a bountiful gourmet breakfast to get you ready for your hike. Hope to see you soon!