Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jensen House Article

One of the wonderful things about living in an old house is the history that comes with it. Every now and then I learn something that deepens my mental image of what life was like living here before Bill and I and our two girls moved here in 1987. This past week the Portage County Gazette ( featured a story by Tom Jensen. The article was entitled, "Jensen family home provided enough space for mischief." The article by Tom was well written and gave a pretty good picture of the life of a young man growing up in a big old house like this and the kinds of things kids get into. Without getting into parphrasing the whole article, lets suffice to say that one of the paragraphs explained an incident that included grass snakes in the peach bathtub. I wish I would have known this before I took all those relaxing bubble baths in this oversized tub. Well, too late now. The tub was part of our last renovation project and is no more. Maybe a good thing. I don't think I'd enjoy a bubble bath knowing snakes had been in my tub.

Tom, thanks for sharing your stories.

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