Friday, December 04, 2009

I Wish You the Christmas Spirit

Well it finally came. The first real snowfall of 2009. Thank goodness! I've spent three days at my job in the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point's Tutoring-Learning Center trying to sandwich in the business of decorating the Writing/Reading and Content Tutoring Labs for the holidays, two days decorating my mother and dad's house and tree, and countless days/hours decorating our home--the Dreams of Yesteryear Bed and Breakfast. And guess what? I wasn't in the Christmas spirit in the least. But today changed all that.

Today we had our first real snowfall of the season. I woke up to discover my lawn covered with white, and to the slippery roads that paved my way to work. Looking through the windows I felt like I was in a giant snowglobe. The tips of the tree's branches were dusted with white, the large snowflakes melting on the heads and shoulders of the students as they came into our office, and the weather prediction of snow for the next five days has finally put me in the Christmas spirit. It feels good to feel that Christmas excitement again.

You would think that as one gets older, the excitement of Christmas would wear off. But, it is truly that magical time of year even for us adults. I love the anticipation that pours from Bill's and my six grandchildren this time of year, the beautiful sentimental feeling evoked by the old classic Christmas carols, the Advent Season as we prepare for Christ's coming.

I hesitate to put a damper on my Christmas spirit by turning on the news or even thinking of the state of our nation and economy this time of year. So join me and let's not make the world's problems take main stage right now. Instead, let's embrace Christmas and trust in He Who knows our problems and can make them go away. Perhaps if we can hold onto that Christmas spirit, the rest of the world's problems WILL go away.

Bill and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2010!