Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dreams of Yesteryear Joins Highway 51

Dreams of Yesteryear has just signed on to partner with the WI Department of Tourism in their Explore Highway 51 Package. Check out this website for lots of information about how you can explore Highway 51:

I know having grown up in Stevens Point, WI, Highway 51 has played a big part in my life. I was raised in a home on Wadleigh Street only blocks from downtown Stevens Point. However, not many relatives lived in town. A visit to either set of grandparents or most of my 14 aunts and uncles or 42 cousins meant a trip north on Highway 51. So this is the part of Highway 51 I got to know best. As I got older and could do more traveling, it seemed nearly every trip we took started up or down Highway 51. There was always something neat to see and explore. No trip was complete without stopping for lunch at some neat little "Mom and Pop" restaurant or exploring some gift shop in a quaint little town. I still enjoy driving down Old Highway 51 along the Wisconsin River. So, needless to say, I have many fond memories of traveling this historic highway.
As my part to encourage you to explore Highway 51, Dreams of Yesteryear is offering discounts on two night stays. In addition if you book a suite for two nights, we'll not only give you the discount but will also include a Dreams of Yesteryear tee-shirt. Check out our offers on the Highway 51 website. But, to qualify for this offer, you must mention that you are part of the Exploring Highway 51 Package at the time you book your room. My husband Bill and I look forward to meeting you and reminiscing about Highway 51.