Saturday, March 10, 2007

Peggy Sue has many homes

Remember my earlier blog about cute little Bichon Peggy Sue moving into Dreams of Yesteryear, well things have changed. In January, Bill and I took a trip to San Simeon to tour the Hearst Castle. Peggy Sue went to live with my daughter Darcy's family for a few days. Well, as attached as she and I were, while we were away, Peggy Sue bonded with our two year old grandaughter, Mary Gabriel. What can I say, the two are "buds." So now Peggy Sue has another home. That doesn't mean Peggy Sue doesn't spend time at Grandma Bonnie's house. This poor orphan of a dog that we adopted from the Humane Society now is blessed with several homes. While most of the time, you'll find her at my daughter's house, she also feels quite welcome at Dreams of Yesteryear and my younger daughter, Danielle's house. She just loves everyone and is happy to have people love her.
So if you are a guest visiting Dreams of Yesteryear, don't be surprised if Peggy Sue "is" or "is not" in residence at the B&B. However, if you are a guest who would like to have a dog around, I'm sure Peggy Sue will oblige and come over to get in her share of petting and snuggling. Or, if you're a person who would prefer not to have pets around, let me know. Peggy Sue will understand and so will we.